• Owners open eleventh foreign branch in Sevlev, Bulgaria at the turn of 2020/2021
  • Radka Prokopová, co-owner and executive director of Alcaplast, became the entrepreneur of the year for the second time in a row in the TOP Women of the Czech Republic poll
  • Alcaplast started production of a new generation of filling valves


  • After twelve years of growth of our Romanian branch Alcaplast we are opening a new 1 500 m<sup>2</sup> hall in Sibiu, Romania
  • Alcaplast ranks 26th in the Czech Top 100 survey
  • The company strengthens its position on the world market and opens branches in Serbia and Latvia
  • Co-owner and executive director of the company Radka Prokopová wins the title of the TOP Women of the Czech Republic competition in the businesswoman category


  • Owners of Alcaplast won the regional round of the most prestigious competition of entrepreneurs EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 South Moravian Region and a month later they become the overall winner of the national final. So the EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 of the Czech Republic is heading to Alcaplast.
  • Alcaplast ranks 36th in the Czech Top 100 survey


  • Touch-free flush plates NIGHT LIGHT won the prestigious iF Design Award 2018 in the category of Product section Bathrooms. The jury appreciates their excellent world design, environmental friendliness, functionality and sustainability.
  • Alcaplast after twenty years on the market with a wide range of products is becoming a leader indicating the trends in the sanitary industry in Central and Eastern Europe, with expansion into many other countries.
  • In 2017 we fulfilled the criteria for inclusion in the list of the 100 Best Companies in the Czech Republic. Our continued company development and growth has allowed us to maintain this status in 2018.


  • The owners start the production in the newest, largest and most expensive hall C, which increases the capacity of manufacturing space by 35 percent.
  • Membership among the 100 Best Czech Companies confirms its exceptional position in the economic system in the Czech Republic.
  • As a representative of the Czech capital that operates transparently, is the driver of the domestic economy and significantly contributes to the employment, Alcaplast win the Award for the Czech leaders at Prague region.
  • Executive Director Radka Prokopová is in the top twenty-five leading ladies of Czech business and the public sector in the TOP Czech Women.


  • Executive Director Radka Prokopová became the Manager of the Year 2015. This award has appraised setting the methods of modern management.


  • The company begins production of polystyrene. As the first company in the region uses the new technology to process.
  • The owners decide on the expansion of the storage space both in Slovak town Nitra and in Břeclav.


  • The company presents its unique module Ecology. For this innovative product has received an award Gaia Award at the trade fair The Big 5 in Dubai.
  • For the collection of flush plates FLAT the owners are taking over the Red Dot Award 2014.


  • New production hall B is built in Lanžhotská street in Břeclav next to the hall A.
  • The company expands the product range with floor drains.
  • Alcaplast won the first place for the Business Property of 2012.
  • Recently the company has a dealership in the capital of Russia - Moscow.


  • Alcaplast opens a branch in the Hungarian town Komárom.
  • The company is the market leader in the production and sale of stainless steel shower drains on the Czech and Slovak markets.


  • Bielsko-Biala, a city located in south of Poland, becomes a place for opening another international branch.
  • Alcaplast Academy building designed by the architects Hana and Pavel Bainar recognizes its first major success - in the competition Business Project 2010 wins second place.


  • Alcaplast Academy in Bratislavská street in Břeclav is opened for the training of plumbers that are installing Alcaplast products.
  • The company opens an international branch in the capital of Belarus - Minsk.


  • The owners opened the second international branch in Sibiu, Romania.
  • Technicians in Alcaplast are testing the next revolutionary news - stainless steel floor drains.


  • Production is expanding from Bratislavská street to Lanžhotská street. Costly reconstruction of the production hall A.


  • The company responds to market demand for wall-hung toilets and starts the mass production of the pre-wall installation systems - modules.


  • The company is participating to the first trade fair ever. The owners are winning the gold medal for a two-button flush valve.
  • The company begins testing the first modules - so far technically the most demanding product ever produced.


  • Alcaplast begins with the sale of standard product lines - shower wastes and traps, toilet seats and bath traps.
  • The company has two branches in the Czech Republic - Havlickuv Brod and Zlín.
  • The owners officially open the renovated office building in Breclav with timeless bathroom studio.


  • The company produces two products - fill and flush valves, later on wash-basin traps.
  • Production increases in the area of the former Dřevospoj in Bratislavská street in Břeclav.
  • The owners opened the first international branch - in the Slovak Republic.


  • Husband and wife Radka Prokopová and František Fabičovic established the Alcaplast company in Břeclav.