Many Club Members offer their time and expertise to one of the CYCA’s Standing Committees that helps formulate policy, and make recommendations to the Board of Directors, which meets once a month.

Following each Annual General Meeting in July, a Standing Committee Chairperson and Duty Chairs, who are also a CYCA Board member, is nominated and they invite Club members with specific skills and knowledge to join their Committee.

If a Club Member would like to join a Standing Committee, they can make themselves known to the Chairperson.

Club Members are encouraged to highlight issues or make suggestions to their relevant Committee member and these are discussed at the monthly meetings. If the Standing Committee supports an idea it will recommend it goes to the Board for final approval.

The standing committees include:

Audit, Planning & Risk Committee – Includes Disciplinary.

  • Chair – Rear Commodore David Jacobs
  • Deputy Chair – Treasurer Peter Gothard
  • Committee Members:
    • Rear Commodore Tom Barker
    • Director Greg Antipas
    • Director Sarah Hosking
    • Steve York
    • Alexander Flecknoe-Brown
    • Matt Leung
    • Mark Dagworthy
    • Fay Hill
    • Shane Connelly

Member Engagement Committee Incorporates Associates Committee, Cruising and History and Archives.

  • Chair – Vice Commodore Sam Haynes
  • Deputy Chair – Director Jules Hall
  • Committee Members:
    • Director Sarah Hosking
    • Jackie Sapir
    • Pam Messenger – Associates
    • David Eastwood
    • Matt Hundt
    • Murray Jones
    • Georgia Peard
    • Charlie Tisher

Premises Committee – Incorporates Sustainability

  • Chair – Commodore Arthur Lane
  • Deputy Chair – Rear Commodore David Jacobs
  • Committee Members:
    • Director Greg Antipas
    • Kerry Roxburgh AM
    • Peter Shipway
    • Mark Dagworthy
    • Tom Quick

Sailing Committee

  • Chair – Rear Commodore Tom Barker
  • Deputy Chair – Noel Cornish AM
  • Committee Members:
    • Vice Commodore Sam Haynes
    • Director David Griffith AM
    • Director Jules Hall
    • David Burt
    • Shane Connelly
    • Dinah Eagle
    • Rupert Henry
    • Les Goodridge
    • Campbell Geeves
    • Alexander Flecknoe-Brown

Other Committees

Associates – Justine Anson (President), Irene Soemardi (Vice-President), Cathie Mulherin (Treasurer), Pam Messenger (Secretary), Albiege Alves, Amanda Lulham, Eleanore Lorenzton, Fiona Ashley, Jennifer Bohm, Jennifer Dahl, Kaye Brooks, Kendi Kellett, Margaret Keelty, Pam Emerson, Pauline Christie.

Cruising – Kevin Whelan (Chair), John Keelty, Frank Walker, Stephen Prince, Denis Doyle, David Henry, Phil Ross, Wendy Tuck.

History and Archives – David Kellett AM (Chair), Chris Iacono, Peter Shipway, Martin James, Julie Hodder, David Champtaloup, David Colfelt, Bradshaw Kellett. Consultant – Tony Cable.

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