Warranty period

This warranty applies to products, manufactured by Alcadrain s.r.o., and disputed with the purchase contract or defects have been submitted to the seller within the warranty period. With professional installation you can significantly influence functionality, utility value of the product and of course user satisfaction. Alcadrain products, installed by a professional plumber, are provided with an extended warranty period. In all other cases, the warranty is for 2 years only from the date of receipt / purchase of goods from the retailer.

Warranty conditions

  • The buyer is obliged to inspect the goods upon receipt from the seller before installation of the product. The warranty provided by Alcadrain s.r.o. does not apply to later claims of obvious defects.
  • Any claims on the purchased products must be submitted by the buyer through the dealer from whom the goods were purchased. Prepare your original purchase receipt and to apply for the extended warranty you will also need the warranty Certificate.
  • Products installed in building structures (modules, drains, traps, etc.) must be installed in such a way to enable their service and maintenance (e.g. service opening in the bathtub). Alcadrain s.r.o., in any case does not cover the costs associated with damage to tiles, floor tiles or other equipment that may arise during a repair or other action in the case of non-compliance with these rules.
  • During installation, the customer (installation company) is obliged to follow the manufacturer's assembly instructions.
  • Any defects or surface damage caused by failure to follow these instructions will not be recognized after installation.
  • The right to claim both standard and extended warranties given by the manufacturer expires:
    • failure to present the original proof of purchase in case of a claim
    • the given warranty period for the claimed product has expired
    • violation of any protective seals and labels, if available on the product
    • unprofessional assembly – assembly of the product should be carried out taking into account building technical regulations and standards and only by specialist companies
    • damage to the goods during transportation (such damage must be claimed directly with the shipping forwarder)
    • use of goods in conditions that do not match the allowed temperature, dust, moisture, chemical and mechanical environmental influences
    • by unprofessional installation, handling, service
    • by neglecting the care of the goods or by improperly cleaning and maintaining them – see GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE (attached pdf)
    • if the goods are damaged by excessive load or use contrary to the allowed conditions specified in the installation manual or in the supplied documentation or general principles of handling of such products
    • if the goods are damaged by water containing impurities and alluvium
  • The right to claim the extended warranty also does not arise in the following cases::
    • if the warranty card was not confirmed by a professional plumber
    • if only a proof of purchase is presented without a warranty certificate stamped by the plumber or the installer, then only the standard warranty of 2 years is applicable
  • Warranty does not cover wear and tear caused by normal use. Visual defects on the visible side of the product are assessed from a distance of 1 m at the angle of expected use of the product in diffused daylight.
  • Conditions of extended warranty do not cover replaceable rubber and sealing parts which are subject to operational wear and tear and are listed in the Spare Parts Catalogue.
  • The company Alcadrain s.r.o. provides extended warranty only for products that are used by buyers in the water supply system of drinking water distributed in plastic pipes (eg. made of PE materials). Does not apply to the strongly mineralized water and water containing impurities. The extended warranty does not apply to product components in the category of consumables (eg. membranes, strainers, rubber bands, seals, etc.).
Product group Basic warranty
(Number of years)
Extended warranty
(Number of years)
Pre-wall installation systems
Cisterns and frames 2 15
Side inlet fill valves till 2020 + Bottom inlet fill valve 2 3
Side inlet fill valves from 2021 2 6
Flush valves 2 3
Flush plates and accessories 2 2
WC cisterns * 2 3
Wastes and Traps * 2 3
Stainless steel shower drains and floor drains ALCA *
Embedded components of stainless steel shower drains and floor drains ALCA 2 25
Removable components of stainless steel shower drains and floor drains ALCA 2 3
Plastic linear shower drains * 2 6
Floor drains, Universal rain drums * 2 6
WC seats, Flexi pipes, WC accessories 2 2
Outdoor drainage system * 2 6
Industrial stainless steel drainage system 2 5
Drainage channels and grids – stainless steel 2 25
Drainage channels and grids – galvanized steel 2 2
Sanitary Ware 2 2
System walls – Alcasystem
Complete prefabricated system walls installed by a professional company 2 15
System walls installed by a professional company 2 6
Separate parts 2 2

* The warranty covers only the functional technical properties of the product, does not cover wear and tear of the product caused by its normal use or defects caused by non-compliance with the general principles of handling the product or non-compliance with the product instructions.